Integrate Slack with Churn Solution to gain real-time insights into your customer's cancellation sessions

How to connect Slack and Churn Solution:

You can connect your Churn Solution account with any Slack channel through our Integration Page. So you can receive notifications about customer cancellations insights in a Slack channel of your choice.

Once you click Connect Slack, you'll be prompted to set up Churn Solution within Slack and to select the channel for sessions notifications. Once done, you'll see that your account is connected successfully.

Connect to Slack

You have the option to test your connection with Slack, and upon doing so, you'll receive a Slack message informing you about your connection status. This will provide real-time feedback, ensuring that you stay updated on the status of your connection with Slack.

Slack connect notification

This feature will allow everyone on your team, even those who don't use the Churn Solution web to stay updated about customer cancellation sessions.

Slack Notifications

Once connected, you'll receive a Slack messages about your customers' cancellation sessions, whenever one of your customers goes through your cancellation flow. For instance, you will receive a notification like the one below:

Slack notification

Manage Slack Notifications

You have the ability to customize and manage your Slack notifications, granting you the control to choose which alerts you receive. Enable custom triggers for various events, such as session starts, cancellations, or saved, including actions like claiming discounts, extending trials, or pausing subscriptions, as well as contact interactions and session aborts. Additionally, stay updated on offer redemption occurrences if you've set limits for them. With this flexibility, you prioritize what's important to stay informed and make informed decisions."

Slack settings
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