Integrate WordPress with Churn Solution

How to connect WordPress and Churn Solution:

Churn Solution offers easily integration's with a variety of WordPress plugins, enhancing your site's functionality and providing powerful tools to manage your business more effectively. Here's a detailed overview of the integration's we support:

After installing the above plugin, need to install Churn Solution plugin to start managing and analysing churns:

Once you've installed Churn Solution Plugin, the next step is to connect it to your company by clicking on "Connect to Churn Solution." This initiates the process of creating your company profile and obtaining your API key, which is essential for this integration.

To proceed, you'll need to link your Stripe account, which should already be connected to your subscription plugin. This connection is important for obtaining your APP ID.


After connecting your account it will be show your API KEY and your APP ID.

Configuration Filled

Once your account is connected successfully, you can click on "Manage Cancellation Flows" . There, you can create customized cancellation flows tailored to your customers' needs. These flows will be show for the users when they try to cancel their subscription.

Manage Cancellation

If you want to reset the configuration, you have two options. You can either manually edit it or simply click on "Update Configuration" to refresh it with the new connection. This process will overwrite the existing configuration.

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